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Their Spirit Lives On

In Loving Memory of Those Who Have Gone Before Us.

Lloyd Stephen Stolson
November 8th,1937 November 8th,2006
"Wildman" Jon Stolson's Father

The things that I remember about my dad is that he was a pretty mellow guy until someone made him mad than you better watch out. He had a great sense of humor with a sarcastic tone to it. He would take me on construction jobs with him and let me help the other guys. Some of the fondest times that I can remember is he would take me on jobs so I could pick up the slack of some of his lazier workers, that would irritate them because I was disabled but still did my best. Dad taught me that just because I was disabled I shouldn't let that stop me in anything that I do.  His being a perfectionist has rubbed off on me, sometimes that is a good thing and others not so much. He supported me when I decided that I wanted to be a DJ both my parents did everything in their power to help me achieve that goal.

Dad was a good family man, he always made time for the family. He was always there for holidays and special occasions.He was a very strong family man. I loved my father very much and I know that we didn't always see eye to eyes on things. I know as I got older that I got rebellious but I never lost the respect or the love  that I have for him.

In loving memory of my beloved husband  
       Lloyd Stephen Stolson                              
 As I remember my wonderful 38 years that I spent with him. Lloyd has been gone for 5 years and 4 months now and I miss him now as much as I did when he passed. Lloyd was lacking just a few months of being ill for 10 years. Lloyd was diagnosed on May 13,1997 with end stage Renal Kidney Failure, he was admitted immediately into the hospital. The doctors put him in the I C U unit and put in a drug induced coma for 10 days, he was put on a respirator and dialysis immediately. Lloyd was taken out of the coma on the 10th day and was sent home on day 11. The first few months he spent more time at the hospital than he did at home. He had to go for dialysis 3 times a week 4 hours a day that really drained him.

On one of his many trips to the hospital the doctor came in to tell us that they found a spot in his lungs and we should see his Respiratory doctor. We went to see Lloyd's Lung doctor and he did a biopsy. When the results came back the doctor called and told me that they found Lung Cancer. He wanted to make another appointment , but I told the doctor that I would tell him. I struggled all day with the information that I received, I cried all day long trying to find the words to tell my beloved husband. I told him that night, and he made another appointment, they scheduled him for surgery on July 8,1998

Lloyd had stage 1 lung cancer of his lower right lobe of his lung. They removed the cancer from his lung. Lloyd was wanting to be put on the transplant register, but was told that he would have to survive 7 years from his cancer. once the seven years had passed doctors told him that he was to old to have the transplant and it wasn't fair to get the transplant when there are so many younger people out there waiting.So being the loving, caring man that he was he never had his name put on the register.
I was Lloyd's sole care provider, with the Grace of God we had almost another 10 years together after being diagnosed with the Kidney failure. Lloyd survived 8 years and 4 months with cancer before God called him home. Lloyd was a very loving husband, father and a good provider. If I had the chance to do it all over again I would do the same.


            NOV.8, 1937 - NOV. 8, 2006

I was born in the Cabri,Sask, Canada hospital on Nov. 8, 1937. My family lived in Scepter, Sask Canada until I was 9 years old, my sister Laura was seven and my brother Alvin was six. We moved to Cabri in 1946 as my father John was in construction and this was where most of his work was. I worked with my father John from the age of sixteen until just a few months before I married Mary Kay Cannaday of Dayton, Ohio. on Oct. 26, 1968.

We moved to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that winter , once I got my permanent resident visa we moved to Denver, CO. on Feb. 10, 1969. We bought a home in Aurora, a suburb of Denver moving in upon completion in June 1970. Mary Kay worked as a full charge bookkeeper and I worked as a remodeling carpenter. Our son Jon Steven Stolson was named after his Grandfather John and Steven for myself, was born on Aug. 23, 1972.

I owned my own construction company for eight years. I was such a perfectionist in my work that I had people waiting for months to do jobs for them, I even had a client wait two  years before I could start his addition to his home. Jon showed interest in the entertainment field and both I and Mary Kay encouraged him to pursue it he was only 13 at the time. We went 2 different times to Nashville, Tenn. and once to Branson, Mo. on our vacations. Jon got his musical talents from my side of the family. I played the Violin, double harmonica and the accordion, Laura played the violin and my uncle played the  accordion in his own band.
I had to retire from my work at the age of 59 due to my illness. I want people to know that I had a very fullfilling life with my beloved wife Mary Kay and my loving son Jon, I will always be there watching them




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